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Kilo of Kindness

“More than one in five Australians have experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months and are regularly skipping meals or cutting down on portion sizes to make their food go further.One in five parents experiencing food insecurity have also said that at least once a week their children will go through an entire day without having anything to eat.”

[Foodbank Hunger Report 2019]

Kilo of Kindness is a practical way in which our Church can share the message of love at Easter to support families in our communities facing food insecurity. We are encouraging you to donate bags of specified non-perishable food items on our Kilo of Kindness shopping list or purchase these items online through our Kilo of Kindness Webstore.

These donations help stock our food pantries and enable us to give food hampers directly to families in need and through local charities in our community. Online purchases and donations of $2 or more made within Australia for Kilo of Kindness are tax deductible through Hillsong CityCare Australia Ltd.